The Chicago Tribune yesterday published “Gay parents rights issue divides U.S., not families,” with the subtitle, “Sociologists find that children of gays are no more likely to suffer from psychological problems than kids raised in conventional homes.”

If you’ve been around this rodeo for a while, you’ll recognize that the studies they cite have existed for some time. No new news here. Still, it’s a pretty positive article, even though they felt the need to quote someone from the ultra-conservative Family Research Council who of course states that married heterosexual parents are best.

They also managed to speak with two adult children of just about the most stereotypical lesbian and gay parents out there: a lesbian construction worker and a gay hairdresser. Just because we want to prove that not all lesbians are construction workers nor all gay men hairdressers, though, doesn’t mean none of us are—and it’s nice to hear tell of construction-worker dykes in the midst of the gloss of L Word season.

One of the adult children quoted by the Tribune is Tina Fakhrid-Deen, founder of the Chicago chapter of COLAGE, who is also quoted in Families Like Mine, which I just happened to mention in my LGBT Parenting Roundup this week. Go Tina!