This is appalling. A Louisiana man has confessed to murdering his two-year-old son so he wouldn’t have to make child-support payments. The man is divorced, and there is no indication it was because he is LGBT, so I am assuming he’s straight. (If he were LGBT, I’d guess the media would have latched right on to that.)

This is the same week that the state is appealing a federal court ruling to put the names of two gay fathers on the birth certificate of their Louisiana-born son, and in which news is spreading about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R) appointment of ultra-conservatives to the state Commission on Marriage and Family, a move that some see as a prelude to a ban on adoption by same-sex couples. (See also Steve Ralls’ lengthy post at Bilerico on this.)

Seems to me, though, that there’s no necessary connection between sexual orientation and one’s ability to be a good parent, hmm?

On a related note, a quick show of hands here: How many LGBT people in the audience contributed money to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts?