Penguin PairTwo weeks ago, I posted about the pair of male penguins in China who were trying to steal other penguins’ eggs in an attempt to become parents. Now, at the urging of zoo visitors, zookeepers have given them a hand: “We decided to give them two eggs from another couple whose hatching ability had been poor and they’ve turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo,’ said one of the keepers. (Thanks, Good As You.)

Nice to see them following in Silo and Roy’s waddling footsteps. Their offspring will have to get together with Tango and form HOLAGE: Hatchlings of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere. (Apologies to COLAGE.)

I’m thinking that Join the Impact’s next action should be to organize a way for people to send stuffed toy penguins to various groups on the right.