Cranberry Pecan Rye BreadIron Chef and lesbian mom Cat Cora, in an interview with the Food Gal, has spoken out against Prop 8. She also mentions that she and her partner Jen Cora are expecting their third child in April. Congratulations! (Thanks, After Ellen.)

This is as good an excuse as any to move from politics to domestic matters:

What are you cooking for the holidays?

My brother and his wife are hosting our family Thanksgiving this year, so I’m just doing a few side dishes. I’ll be making a cranberry-pecan rye bread that’s a riff on a King Arthur Flour recipe. I use regular rye flour instead of pumpernickel (just because it’s easier to find), and substitute dried cranberries for at least half, if not all, the raisins.

I’m also making the fiery cranbanero sauce I’ve been doing for a few years now.

What about you?