Write to Marry DayBelow (after the jump) is the master list of OVER 400 posts contributed for Write to Marry Day. Thanks to all are who participating.

I’m still taking posts, to account for differences in time zones and allow for some latecomers. Submit your link through the form at the end of this post, after the jump.

Special Update from No On 8: No On 8 is now telling people: “Unless we raise $3 million in the next three days we will likely lose.”

If you have not yet donated money to the No On 8 campaign, or wish to do so again, please do so here.

I will update this list as quickly as possible, but submitted posts may not appear immediately. Please be patient. [UPDATED AS OF November 1, 8:15 p.m. Eastern. New posts at bottom of list below.]

Contributed posts are after the jump.

  1. Two Lesbos Goin At It Prop 8 – Something for You To Do Today
  2. Reproducing Genius Write to Marry Day
  3. lezgetreal The Gay Agenda
  4. The Swarrell Life It’s a Civil Rights Issue
  5. The Swarrell Life Say What?
  6. Mike Tidmus: Blog Don’t Tread on Me
  7. Eureka POZ No on Proposition Hate (8)
  8. Four Plus Four Equals Ten Anti-Miscegenation, Marriage, and Proposition 8
  9. Hedonia No on Prop 8
  10. doubting thom Help defeat Prop. 8. It’s personal.
  11. askthegaylatino.today.com Prop. 8 fiction and facts
  12. Marry in Massachusetts Prop 8…Cogitate…Donate
  13. Marry in Massachusetts Mass. Gambit Out West
  14. Caffection! Married To My Best Friend Write To Marry Day
  15. The Gascot Method Write to Marry Day!
  16. Last Left Turn Before Hooterville My Buddy Got Married! Hell to the No On Prop 8
  17. The Fighter Writer I Now Pronounce You Woman and Wife
  18. Adventures In Babymaking A Personal Request
  19. Good Greek Girl Write to Marry Day: Blog against Prop. 8
  20. www.lifeingolden.blogdrive.com NO on 8 signs
  21. William K. Wolfrum Chronicles After eliminating Gay marriage rights, evangelicals plan to take away rights of Blacks to pee, Latinos to procreate, Muslims to live
  22. CT a Paris Write to Marry Day
  23. Steve’s Weblog Vote NO on Prop Hate.
  24. This Is Not a Test Proposition 8: Enough Already
  25. FatGrrl.com California FatGrrls! Vote NO on Prop 8!
  26. Holding On to Hope…and Chasing Grace We is Hazardous!
  27. Holding On to Hope…and Chasing Grace The Best Cookies I Never Tasted
  28. Holding On to Hope…and Chasing Grace Will the REAL Christian Please Stand Up?
  29. Xtinian Thoughts Event: Write to Marry Day
  30. Bamboo Nation An Open Letter to My Gay Friend; or Gay Marriage Is Not About Marriage
  31. David Hart’s Boiled Frog Blog Proposition Hate – In the Final Analysis
  32. Life: My Style Write to Marry Day: My Voice will be Heard
  33. Gay Rights @ Change.org Pastor Rick Warren Disappoints and Comes Out For Proposition 8
  35. Michael-In-Norfolk – – Coming Out In Mid Life What the California Supreme Court Really Ruled
  36. Emerging Identity Vote no on Prop 8
  37. GLBT Caucus Democratic Party Of Oregon Write To Marry Day Today
  38. Trees and Flowers and Birds! Write to Marry Day
  39. the darker mind another thing that made a girl cry
  40. no matter what… eschew obfuscation some men (and women) and NOT more equal than others…
  41. Love and Hate Los Angeles NO on Prop. 8
  42. Grace The Spot My Original 8 Against 8 Post
  43. SisterFriends Together Crunch Time on California’s Prop 8
  44. J.A.T.G.A.B. Write to Marry Day
  45. !! omg blog !! OMG, you can help: Write to Marry Day
  46. Ex-Pat, Patriot, Political Refugee No on Prop 8
  47. Malloreigh Dot Com Vote No on Proposition 8
  48. Kevin’s Space No on 8
  49. One Lazy Liberal I beg of you
  50. The Gideonse Bible Honking for equality
  51. Broke Hoedown Stop Gay Marriage? Heck No!
  52. Matthew’s Blog It’s wrong to eliminate fundamental rights
  53. A Mormon Enigma Why I support gay marriage
  54. The Story So Far Neighbor To Neighbor On Proposition 8
  55. Let’s Party with Percy Sales Events Write To marry Day – October 29, 2009
  56. Friends-of-Jake Write to Marry
  57. Choral reef: music under the surface Write to marry day
  58. Revolutionary Act No nuance, only our humanity
  59. The Last Debate The Religious Case Against Proposition 8
  60. Gay Crow’s Nest Write to Marry
  61. Not the Mama Write to Marry Day (A Letter from Missouri)
  62. Chop Wood, Carry Water Write to Marry Day
  63. I’ll Follow the Sun Take Issue for Gay Rights
  64. Tré’s X-Ray Vision Proposition 8 Be Damned!
  65. Gay Persons Of Color: An Eye On The Gay Worlds Of Color Write to Marry Day – NO on Prop 8, from Canada and beyond
  66. Magdalene’s Musings Swarming with the No on 8 Crowd
  67. Pedestrian The Power of Marriage
  68. The Gay Recluse On Proposition 8: Vote No and Retain Some Shred of Humanity, Vote Yes and Feel the Monstrous Ooze Running Through Your Veins
  69. A Lesbian & A Scholar Another Reason to Vote No on 8
  70. Jen – Monkey – T write to marry
  71. I LOVE Z-:):) Our Love is the same as others!!!
  72. The Evolution of Jeremiah Write to Marry Day
  73. I LOVE Z-:):) God made me gay because he didn’t have any other option!
  74. The ramblings of a hopeful artist… Proposition 8 and the LDS church
  75. The ramblings of a hopeful artist… public school education and Proposition 8
  76. I LOVE Z-:):) BOYS! It is Write to Marry Day
  77. I LOVE Z-:):) So!! Can we get married elsewhere? Is it OK?
  78. Straight, Not Narrow Human Rights Should NOT Be Granted By the Whim of the Majority
  79. I LOVE Z-:):) What is difference between a pitbull & a gay man (or a lesbian)?
  80. Forward Liberally Writing to Right the Wrong – Reflections on Loving v. Virginia
  81. hunter of justice High Noon 2008
  82. Trading Faces Love. Soft as an easy chair.
  83. Vagabond Scholar CA Proposition 8: Outlawing Gay Marriage
  84. Blue Herald CA Proposition 8: Outlawing Gay Marriage
  85. world o’ jeff ed and larry
  86. Up Popped A Fox No on 8 – The Sequel
  87. The Curvature Same-Sex Marriage: Violating Your Right to Free Speech
  88. JMBzinecom 5 reasons why all Americans (even those of us who are straight and not in California) should support the No on Prop. 8 campaign
  89. The Mouse’s Nest Write to Marry
  90. Modern Fabulousity The Marrying Kind
  91. Swedish is a very nice language to listen to Link dump to marry
  92. Musings from inside, outside, and underneath Famous Quotes
  93. Switchhttr69’s Dairy (@ Pam’s Houe Blend) I dare you to make this advert
  94. MySpace.com/glenn_s The Freedom To Marry Brad Pitt
  95. I May Not Know Much About Life In Sickness and In Health, but Mostly In Sickness
  96. Chocolate Covered Xanax Write to Marry Day
  97. greenly chalked Gay Marriage: Rights & Morality
  98. Dit21 Write to Marry Day
  99. Daddy Geek Boy Prop 8
  100. DanNation Our Gettysburg: why Prop 8 is important to every gay outside of California
  101. Veritably Bare My Marriage…
  102. world o’ jeff marrying karl rove
  103. Gratuitous Violins It’s Write to Marry Day
  104. Xtra.ca Daily Roundup Everybody cut! Everybody cut!
  105. The Gascot Method Save Marriage! Ban Divorce!
  106. Eureka Poz Proposition 8: It’s a Sin
  107. Revolutionary Act Rationalizing Proposition H8 is Sticky Business
  108. A Beachcomber’s Blog Love and Marriage
  109. Katzenjammer Marriage means to me
  110. Uncle Roger’s Notebooks of Daily Life Why deny rights?
  111. Preventive Action How Could Our Love Bring Anything But Joy?
  112. Sfrajett’s City 3.0 transcontinental marriage
  113. Luminiferous Aether Our Marriage: Let Us Show You It
  114. Green Dads Five Reasons Why the Opponents of Gay Marriage Will Ultimately Fail
  115. Lijbretto Complicato It’s Write To Marry Day!
  116. Mother Issues marriage
  117. Bent Alaska Gay Alaskans Say NO on 8
  118. FranIam Write to Marry Day – Blogswarm for No on 8!
  119. Lesbian Dad Listen, better angel
  120. Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever Write to Marry Day
  121. Moline Democratic Maverick Write to Marry Day
  122. Girl with Pen Mildred Loving Speaks Out
  123. fey write to marry
  124. PJ’s Pointless Blog Just in case any Californians drop by…
  125. Wicked Gay Blog Today is the First Ever “Write to Marry Day!”
  126. Moored at Sea Proposition 8
  127. Girl with Pen WRITE TO MARRY DAY: Kids Say the Darnedest Things
  128. Living, Loving and Smiling Oh Love… All The Many Colours That You Made Of (Stand against Prop 8)
  129. Books, Yarn Ink and Other Pursuits Write to Marry Day – No on 8
  130. Iowa Guy 2.0 The Spotlight is on California
  131. Queer Thoughts Write to Marry California
  132. Closeted Pastor No On California Proposition 8
  133. Ryann’s Blog Post 71: dedication to antiprop8ness [you have to click on post to view it]
  134. Simply the best, Lucky Loser Vote No on Prop 8 =)
  135. Good As You Prop 8 videos
  136. Don’t Call Me Gringa Write to Marry Day
  137. Shanthology Hate Sucks
  138. Good As You Oh My!’ Space
  139. Wormwood’s Doxy Write to Marry–Save the Heterosexual Females!
  140. Good As You Audio: We are offended. Personally.
  141. Good As You Share your Prop 8 commitment — win free L Word DVDs
  142. Good As You The Wirthlins and a certified hate group: How deep were the ties?
  143. Good As You VIDEO: OMG — They can’t even spell truthfully!
  144. Peaches & CoconutsWrite to marry
  145. Good As You This is Tom’s quip — we’re not pulling your leg, tail or marriage
  146. Good As You Lip service is fine, but it’s gonna take sweat to win this thing
  147. Tapeworthy Tapeworthy Gets Political – Les Misbarak and sMACkdown on Prop 8
  148. “My New Life” Write to Marry
  149. titled: some amusing blog pun They’re Coming After Your Children. Srsly.
  150. world of calougee write to marry day
  151. TRAYB Write to Marry
  152. Candy Coloured Frown Talking About Homosexuality with Children
  153. Blue Gal Joining the No on 8 Blogswarm
  154. Mother Talkers Hump Day Open Thread
  155. Two Hot Mamas Won’t you be my neighbor
  156. Hatched by Two Chicks Lost Paperwork and Other Luxuries of Marriage Equality
  157. Switchhttr69’s Dairy (@ Pam’s House Blend) Missing Marriage Miscellany
  158. Ruth’s Visions and Revisions Write to Marry Day
  159. Best Gay Blogs Write to Marry Day
  160. Coming Out 101 Blog Vote No on 8
  161. Gay Agenda Write to Marry Day – October 29
  162. Gay Truth Equality Will Just Happen
  163. Two Mommies and a Meatball (W)rite to Citizenship
  164. Rawrahs All things being equal -OR- Isn’t that the fucking point? SAY NO on Prop 8
  165. Helens This is how you strengthen marriage.
  166. Queers United Write to Marry Day 10/29
  167. thegayte-keeper Write To Marry Day
  168. Border Explorer Write to Marry Day
  169. buttonwillowsix No on Prop 8
  170. Finding My Way Home A Social Conservative Against Proposition 8
  171. Obliquity65 Write To Marry Day
  172. Food for Thought Write to Marry (No on Prop 8)
  173. texas gun safety equal rights and justice
  174. Because I Should Care! Write to Marry Day
  175. Corpus Mmothra CA Voters – A Personal Request from Mmothra
  176. Big Gay Jim’s Bigger Gayer Blog Let’s Hold Marriage Hostage
  177. Sara’s Navel The Empty Chalise
  178. The ramblings of a hopeful artist… Write to Marry Day – lit style
  179. Multiple Personality Writing about Righting
  180. TawandaBee Divorce and Marriage and Proposition 8
  181. Erik Robson Sometimes Writes Things Write to Marry Day
  182. QueerCincinnati.com GAY STUFF: BLOGGING: Write to Marry Day, 10/29
  183. MadProfessah.com Heterosexual Supremacists Ask For Debate On Prop 8
  184. Kate’s Corner My Story
  185. Cody Lyon’s Blogolater Hope, Fear and Race in America
  186. Bilerico Project My Faith Compels Me
  187. Bilerico Project The Real Impact of Florida’s Amendment 2
  188. The Bilerico Project Florida’s Amendment 2: Florida Is No Connecticut!
  189. The Bilerico Project Florida’s Amendment 2: What Does “Substantial Equivalent” To Marriage Mean?
  190. The Bilerico Project Florida’s Amendment 2: The Lessons from Michigan
  191. Faking It No, Thank You
  192. The Bilerico Project Get Your Religion Out of Our Politics
  193. The Bilerico Project Like Any Proud (Blog) Mama
  194. The Bilerico Project The Absurdity of Amendment 2
  195. The Bilerico Project Florida: A Battleground for LGBT Americans
  196. The Bilerico Project My Marriage Decision
  197. The Bilerico Project I’m Baaaaack!
  198. The Bilerico Project Congratulations to Bishop Gene Robinson!
  199. The Bilerico Project FL Amendment 2 Supporters Running Illegal Campaign
  200. The Bilerico Project Gays Destroying Marriage? That’s not what UK Statistics say
  201. The Bilerico Project Fundies Get Ready for the “Armageddon of the Culture War”
  202. Optimystic Bloghead NO ON PROP 8
  204. Rants From a Progressive Don’t Call Me Intolerant!
  205. TransCanada No to Prop Hate
  206. Sexorcism Write to Marry Day
  207. nycscribbler Love, marriage, Prop 8
  208. Pam’s House Blend Today is Write to Marry Day
  209. Jeez Jon Taking The Bull By The Horns
  210. Aberrant Clone Say NO to Prop 8
  211. Viva la Feminista A Write to Marry Day Fairy Tale
  212. ACLU Blog of Rights Please Fight Proposition 8’s Assault On Same-Sex Marriage
  213. What’s Wrong with This Picture? No on 8 – Why I Care
  214. ParentDish Will schools expel children of gays and lesbians?
  215. Gay Tax Protest “Daddy, Why Was Proposition 8 Created?”
  216. figcookies Say No to Prop 8
  217. Alex Geana Prop 8 in CA and Amendment 2 in Fl
  218. myboshow.com Write to Marry Day
  219. David Hart’s Boiled Frog Blog Filling the Coffers – More Hyperbole from FRC on Prop 8
  220. Equality Advocates Pennsylvania Six Days for Marriage Equality
  221. David Hart’s Boiled Frog Blog The Disingenuous Same-Sex Marriage ‘Debate’
  222. David Hart’s Boiled Frog Blog Those ‘Six Consequences’ to Expect if CA’s Prop-8 Fails to Pass
  223. saneTVworld Bloggers: Write to Marry Day
  224. Logic and Reason – that’s all I ask… The ‘Rite of Marriage vs. the ‘Right’ of Marriage
  225. bend often, break once Love is never wrong
  226. Jackie G. Ross on Facebook Write to Marry Day (not a blog but I want to support the cause)
  227. MOC Blog MOC Supports Proposition 8
  228. Campaign Silo Got Milk? SF Has Premiere and Street Car Dedicated to Slain Gay Rights Activist
  229. Rod 2.0 Dianne Feinstein Against Prop 8
  230. Up4Now Pete Knight Left A House Divided
  231. The Seminal “God’s Word” on Marriage: Polygamy, Property, Subjection
  232. Lika Starr Bloggers Unite Against Prop 8
  233. Street Prophets A C/catholic response to Prop 8
  234. Women’s Work While we’re on the subject of family …
  235. HRC Back Story Pro-LGBT bloggers unite for “Write to Marry Day”
  236. Rebel Prince No on Prop 8
  237. Wings of Desire “Write to Marry” Blog Day
  238. Kubla Kong Happily Ever After
  239. On the Fritz Why I’m Not Married
  240. Temporary Trouble Spots Vote NO on California’s PROP 8
  241. The Daily Beery The Prop 8 Lawn Sign Wars
  242. Michael-In-Norfolk – – Coming Out In Mid Life Passage of Proposition 8 Sets Stage to Take Away Rights of Other Minorities
  243. The Blog Most Likely to… Write to Marry Day
  244. Zortnac’s Primer Help Me Protect Families
  245. Ojai Peace Coalition Action Blog Write To Marry Day!
  246. Travels in Booland A Life More Ordinary: Blogging Against Proposition 8
  247. Pink is the new Blog Why I’m Voting NO On Proposition 8
  248. Already Fooled Once NO on California Prop. 8: What Part of “Discrimination Don’t They Understand?”
  249. PamsHouseBlend Diary Marriage is a CIVIL RIGHT
  250. Mikko Alanne on The Huffington Post With Prop 8, Loving Should Be Everyone’s Guide
  251. A Thorny Way take that
  252. The Three Legged Stool Constitutionality and the fundamentalist interpretation of the bible
  253. think on this mawwiage
  254. Evil Slutopia Vote NO!!!!
  255. The Ojai Post Propositions 8 and 2: OPC Voter Guide Weighs In
  256. The Tin Man Write to Marry Day
  257. Frederick Clarkson When the Alfred E. Neuman School Says “What, Me Worry?” — about the Religious Right
  258. NGblog who is she kidding?
  259. NGblog Yes On Hate and the 61 Percent Lie
  260. Beautiful Guys by Funfotoguy Write to Marry Day – Against California’s Prop 8
  261. Up4Now.com CA’s Largest Community College Supports 8: The story behind the vote
  262. y2gender Today is “Write to Marry Day”
  263. Moya Watson “Recovered homophobe” shares his story
  264. A Cat’s Tail Please, Please, Vote NO on California Prop 8
  265. Up4Now.com VIDEO: The REAL Wirthlins
  266. ShortWoman The House with Laughing Shorties
  267. hearts for dinner Short: Vote NO on Prop 8 (and similar amendments/questions)
  268. Long Winded & Proud Fiery with anger.
  269. Lauraflaps Do not be silently outraged …
  270. The Flying Dutchman Freedom of Marriage and Freedom of Religion
  271. Life of a Garden State Girl For the people, by the people
  272. Ultra Dave No on Prop 8
  273. Mommy J’s Wild Ride I could have sworn that someone said we were all created equal
  274. Living, Loving, and Smiling “Oh Love… All The Many Colours That You Made Of” (Stand against Prop 8)
  275. Crunchy Granola The Marrying Kind
  276. PamsHouseBlend Diary PROCLAMATION for FREEDOM to MARRY
  277. Greta Christina’s Blog Lies, Blackmail, and Family Values: The Sleazy Tactics of Yes on 8
  278. Shuck and Jive Write To Marry Day
  279. A Chaos of Deep Passion Write to Marry
  280. Shakesville I Want All These Things for Him
  281. Dr Dick’s Sex Advice WRITE to Marry Day
  282. Last Blog in Cyberspace Power to the People, Write On!
  283. Let’s Flourish Do You Want a Pittance or Provenance?
  284. Fourth Wave Feminism You don’t have to be a fan of marriage to support marriage equality…
  285. Bad With Titles Society Still Stands
  286. I’m Just Not Impressed Hand in glove…
  287. Pushback The Case for Voting No on California’s Proposition 8
  288. Playdate: Seven women, one blog “Asher has two mommies.”
  289. at the altar of my ego what’s wrong with this picture
  290. life in the minivan lane Write to Marry Day
  291. Domestic Psychology One Week Left Vent
  292. this woman’s work Love is Ordinary/Extraordinary
  293. Captain Smart Ass Write to Marry Day: First they came for the gays.
  294. Mother Talkers What I Did To Fight Proposition 8
  295. Mike Tidmus: Blog The Crawl slimed
  296. a dragon dancing with the Buddha Have I mentioned…
  297. Analog Guy in a Digital World Proposition 8 sucks!!!
  298. Fundamentally Flawed Fundy math is hard
  299. The Gurgling Cod No on Prop 8
  300. Fundamentally Flawed Fundy haiku (the Zen of bigotry)
  301. Id Eco Super Eco no on h8
  302. LittleBlueWorld Free to Be You and Me
  303. Crossing the Highway Write to Marry
  304. A Madman & Her Bear please, remember, it’s no on 8. for me and countless others, it’s real, it’s personal.
  305. Rod 2.0 SCLC Leader Criticizes Anti-Gay, Black Pastors Who Support Prop 8
  306. jimbo.info Write to Marry Day in opposition to California’s Proposition 8
  307. Elements NO on Proposition 8
  308. Mutant Poodle The Right to Marry
  309. +ANGELIC+ Interlude: Write to Marry Day
  310. From the Cracked Mirror Two Little Girls–Revisited
  311. Kittywampus A Wedding Blessing
  312. 蛍雪時代~ 蛍雪常世 (age of snow and fireflies ~ Eternity of snow and fireflies) Californian? Vote no on Prop 8. Not? Support the cause.
  313. House Made Our Plea.
  314. Dreamers Rise Guy Fleming jackets
  315. Adventures in a Queer Science Equality is Good Medicine
  316. Blue Truck, Red State Write to Marry Day: My Story
  317. Hope’s Life No One Likes A Hater
  318. Birmingham Blues Write to Marry
  319. Blogging An Ex-Pat’s Musings Write to Marry Day
  320. Bilerico Project Write to Marry Day: My Marriage Story
  321. Playa Minded My Measly Contribution
  322. Dogpoet Because I Want to Pick Out China Patterns Just Like Straight People Do
  323. Feyfriends Fey Alert: Write To Marry Day
  324. Callie’s Comments The No Vote
  325. Leftovers Proposition 8
  326. Diaryphants HIPOCRITA!!!!
  327. Good As You Video: Yes, anti-gays — we’ve REALLY thought about your cruel propsition. Daily.
  328. The Extraordinarily Unexciting Lives Of Bubala, Mumi & Max Just Say No!
  329. Out of the Locker Write to Marry Day
  330. driven to excess Love is enough
  331. Kadyn’s Aunt Starla My dream, and the dream of many
  332. D-Day A Wedding Guest
  333. Looka! NO ON PROP 8 – Write to Marry Day.
  334. Bosh with Elaine and Josh Write to Marry
  335. Chris K Capone a Blog by The Grandson of Al Capone VOTE NO on PROP 8 UPDATE –> We Need Your Help !!
  336. Constant Thoughts Write To Marry: also for the anti-gay!
  337. YouCanCallMeDixie A Baptist on Write to Marry Day
  338. Tavdy79’s Diary (Pam’s House Blend) Marriage in Our Tradition
  339. Ice Station Tango Write to Marry Blogswarm
  340. Roxie’s World Too Tired to Write About Marriage Day
  341. Notes From Off Center Proposition 8 is Discriminatory
  342. Elisa Camahort’s Personal Blog My California Ballot: Vote No on Prop 8
  343. Half Changed World Write to Marry
  344. l’Archivista Today is . . .
  345. Byzigenous Buddhapalian What I remember… What I miss
  346. frndlyfyre Please Think of California’s Children: Vote No on Prop 8
  347. Gay Rights @ Change.org Is Proposition 8 Bad for Business?
  348. Gay Tax ProtestGay Marriage
  349. Zeowads Proposition 8 – A Zeo Perspective
  350. Grandma Wen When Politics is Personal . . .
  351. The Continuous Thread of Revelation No on Prop 8
  352. Pam’s House Blend Diary Learning Life’s Lessons
  353. Mock, Paper, Scissors Vote!
  354. Pizza Diavola Election Memories
  355. Adventures of a Lucky Duck Vote No on 8
  356. How to Disapppear Completely What do you See?
  357. Gay Tax Protest What About the Children?
  358. Little Bang Theory In God’s Eyes.
  359. Fani Gay Write to marry day
  360. Stars Colliding Californians Vote NO on Prop 8
  361. Adventures in Applied Math Dear Voters of California
  362. Fedhu I have a theory
  363. Pagahai: Manipulative Phychobitch Love is Love
  364. Gay Tax Protest What Our “Straight Allies” Are Saying About Our Civil Rights
  365. Dakin Sez Write To Marry Day
  366. kommishonerjenny Write to Marry Day: How Weddings (and Evidently Beer) Make Me Cry
  367. I am the Lizard Queen! Write to Marry Day
  368. Pam’s House Blend The Problem With Prop 8 — Even An Anti-Gay Parent Gets It
  369. The SwandiveI AM “married”
  370. Lijbretto Complicato Write to Marry Day Version 2
  371. department of dave rights, rites and “write to marry” day
  372. The Exile’s Lament The Right to Marry
  373. In No Certain Terms This I Believe: We Are Not the Enemy
  374. WitchWords The Rede in Real Life
  375. Up4Now.com Please Think of California’s Children when you Vote No on Prop 8
  376. Fstclss Ramblings Absolutely!!!!
  377. lauraflaps a wedding speech and thensome
  378. Nexpatriates Write to Marry
  379. Rhymes with Javelin Writing for Marriage
  380. Amanda’s Big Fat Brain and Its Confounding Contents Write to Marry Day
  381. Emptywheel Defeat Mormon Hate: Defeat Prop 8
  382. que pasa-carolina Simple Equality
  383. Mexid Cocktail LDS
  384. Adventures in Motherhood Vote NO on Prop 8
  385. Ramblings of Kristina Marie No on 8
  386. Another Green World my two cents
  387. Radio Radio Radio Write To Marry Day
  388. Serendipity Write to Marry
  389. Nhamo in paradise A gift for Gabe
  390. Up4Now.com VIDEO: Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself – Vote No on Prop 8 – Save Our Constitution!!
  391. Le Coeurs Raisonnent Write to Marry Day
  392. Dulceácido 8
  393. Fuzzybear’s Journal A simple poster
  394. West Coast Grrlie Blather Write to Marry, No on H8te
  395. thegaygardener WRITE For RIGHT
  396. A Glimpse into the Life and Mind of a Jazz Fanatic Write to Marry Day
  397. This Married Life Sometimes, it’s all good
  398. Normal Boy Proposition 8
  399. Normal Boy Prop 8 At Work
  400. Sassafrass We’re with you on this: Write to Marry Day
  401. Keori’s Uncommon Grounds Cafe’ It’s not just about marriage. It’s about being treated like a human being.
  402. World of Scott Mindeaux 6 Days to Prop 8
  403. Reflections on faith, politics, and society. Why I support gay marriage
  404. annie le is ohkay write to marry
  405. Shut Up! I Know! END THE HATE, VOTE NO ON 8!
  406. TheTwoMommies Today I turned 30
  407. Lesbian Mommy The Yes on Prop. 8 Blogroll
  408. All Around Oregon Write to Marry: Our Illegal Marriage
  409. Towleroad Proposition 8 Update: internal polling shows dead heat. Urgent help Needed
  410. Clumsy Kisses Write To Marry
  411. Suburban Dyke Time for what
  412. Terryfaceplace Protect Marriage…By Voting No on 8
  413. Jesse On the Brink Write to Marry Day
  414. Fightin’ Mad Mary and Q No on Prop 8 = Loving v. Virginia
  415. Daily Diatribes Let Gay People Be Equally Miserable
  416. While You’re On Your Knees Equality For All
  417. David Hart’s Boiled Frog Blog Prop H8 Advocacy Template
  418. Earthbound Spirit Write to Marry Day
  419. no fish, no nuts christian men: do you know if your wife is truly female?
  420. a pocket full of hope. Do the right thing.
  421. thetotalfemme Write to Marry — because divorce happens
  422. You’re Having A Giraffe To have and to hold, from this gay forward
  423. andreaaskowitz She Said Yes!
  424. Mah Two Cents Write To Marry Is Right
  425. charlessfo Write to Marry Day
  426. the daily interface Banning the Ban
  427. Baltimore Snacker Why I’m writing about California’s Prop 8
  428. Mauigirl’s Meanderings Better Late Than Never – Write to Marry Day
  429. narrating kayoz Write to Marry Day
  430. Mister Jackhonky Write to Marry Day pt. 2
  431. Doebler.us The Reasons Why: No On Prop 8
  432. I For One The Yes on Prop 8 Mice Have Been Here!
  433. I For One Is Political Sign Vandalism the Answer?
  434. I For One Another Yes on 8 Flier Has Arrived
  435. Butterfly Cauldron Two Days Gone
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