Florida’s Prop 2, California’s Prop 8, Arizona’s Prop 102: You know what they are. You’ve given money to fight them. (If you haven’t, stop right now and click one of the links above, donate, then continue reading.)

There are exactly two weeks to go now, folks. What else can you do, especially if you are a busy parent or don’t live in one of these states, to stop any or all of these measures from passing? How can you keep informed and help spread the word? Here are some ideas, in no particular order. Please feel free to add more in the comments.

  1. Remind your friends and family to vote. More importantly, if they have transportation or childcare issues, help connect them with someone who can give them a ride or watch the kids while they vote.
  2. Friend the No organizations on Facebook: 2, 8, 102 or My Space: 2, 8, 102.
  3. Friend them on YouTube, and pass along their videos: 2, 8. No On 102 does not seem to have its own YouTube page, but lists supportive videos here.
  4. Follow them on Twitter: 2, 8. (No On 102 doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.)
  5. Post about the Props on your own blog and social networking pages, or comment on someone else’s.
  6. E-mail everyone you know, and post to listservs you’re on.
  7. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Even if you don’t live in Arizona, California, or Florida, you can explain why these are crucial matters for citizens everywhere.
  8. E-mail or phone your members of Congress and local officials. Works best in the states with the props.
  9. Buy bumper stickers, yard signs, and other items: 2, 8, 102. Alternatively, print your own: 2, 8, 102. (Every parent should have a pack of full-page blank sticker sheets anyway, for fun with the kids, IMHO.)
  10. Talk with everyone you know. Don’t let a conversation go by without mentioning why defeating these props matters to you and your family. Even if you don’t live in Arizona, California, or Florida, you never know who might have other friends or relatives there.