Yet another reason to go to the candy-free checkout lane in the grocery store:

Mars, Inc./Masterfoods has decided that homophobia sells Snickers bars. In a new clip from AMV BBDO London, an effeminate speedwalker is chased by Mr. T, who shoots Snickers bars at him with a Gatling gun, shouts “It’s time to run like a real man!” and tells him to “Get some nuts!”

Pam has more on this, and Bil suggests, “Get some nuts, apologize, and make one hell of a large donation to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Shooting at gay people isn’t funny – it’s a hate crime.”

This is Mars’ second homophobic ad in recent memory. A Super Bowl ad of 2007 showed two men accidentally kissing as they ate the chocolate confection, then being so repulsed they engaged in an aggressive display of masculinity. One alternate ending offered to Web site viewers showed one man attacking the other with a wrench. Joe.My.God has republished an open letter from Advertising Age critic Bob Garfield to John Wren, CEO of advertising agency Omnicon, criticizing the mega-agency for a string of homophobic ads it has produced in recent years.

Contact Snickers if you’d like to tell them what you think.

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