Four QueensMy four-year-old is big into card games. I’m delighting in the fact that he’s now old enough to play games with a standard deck, which expands our possibilities for travel entertainment. I was able to teach him Go Fish and Crazy Eights, but had, however, forgotten how to play War. My tastes in games have run to the more complex over the years, and the simple ones have fallen by the wayside.

I was happy, therefore, to find Wikipedia coming to the rescue. Its page of Card Games has links to rules for dozens of games, categorized by style (trick-taking games, rummy style games, etc.) I can’t vouch for how “official” any of the rules are (Wikipedia needing a heavy dose of salt at times), but they should get you through a few hours of a rainy day with your kids. (I’ve renamed “War” to the slightly less violent “Capture” when I play with my son, though.)

What are your favorite card games from childhood (or even now)? Those of you with older kids: how old were they when they started beating you for real?