Finally, a sensible answer to the question of explaining LGBT families to young children. A reader of the Seattle Times asks:

How much information is appropriate to give young children (6-8 years) about gay families?

Evidently, my daughter has a gay family in her classroom, and I want her to understand and be tolerant. She asked specifically how a mommy gets a baby with no daddy.

The writer, Jan Faull, gives a direct and appropriate answer: “You need only tell your child that families come in many forms. . . .” She also asks if the parent knows the details of how the same-sex parents created their family, and suggests simple ways of explaining this to young children. Finally, she notes “If you sidestep the question, your child will get the message that you’re uncomfortable and will protect you from further embarrassment by asking someone else.”

Worth reading the whole article, then printing for friends and teachers. You can also write to Faull to thank her for her positive answer at:

(Thanks to Cathy Renna of Renna Communications for the link.)