Here’s a clip of the song “Doing the Flower,” from Dottie’s Magic Pockets, the new live-action show for children of LGBT families (and their friends). (Warning: High risk of this song sticking in your head the entire evening.)

For more Dottie, here’s a link to Dottie’s opening sequence, which sets the scene for the show, and here’s a link to the show’s “Princess Kluga” cartoon, about a caterpillar with two gay dads.

And, in hot-off-the-presses news, the producers have announced that Jen Plante, who plays Dottie, will be aboard the R Family Vacations Cruise to the Mexican Riviera, March 15-22, 2008, “the first time LGBT families and friends from across the country will be entertained by the main character of a kids’ show that is set in a lesbian household.” She’ll be doing “interactive live performances” in addition to screenings of the DVD.

The producers of the first fully animated show for children of LGBT families, BuddyG: My Two Moms and Me, have also posted a preview of their show (in addition to the intro I showcased last week), and have a number of additional images in their Flickr gallery.