This made the rounds last fall (I saw it via Damn Straight), but I noticed that Daily Dose of Queer had it up again, and I thought it was worth a reprise.

The Dutch children’s chorus Kinderen voor Kinderen produces a yearly album and associated concerts. One song last year was the touching “Twee Vaders,” in which a boy sings about his two dads. “It’s not ordinary, but for me it’s quite okay,” he says. It’s hard not to believe him.

As Abigail at Damn Straight noted, however:

To anyone in the U.S. who thinks our country is the leading country in LGBT acceptance: how soon will we see something like this video in English? Oh, and I mean something that won’t get yanked off the air under the government’s threat to pull funding.

This would be a perfect segue to the article I wrote for Bay Windows this week, about two equality-minded children’s musicians, but BW has first dibs. You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow when it comes out. (I’ll repost it here, for those of you not in the New England area.)