Photo credit: James Sorensen / NBCTonight was the last episode for ER’s lesbian mom, Dr. Kerry Weaver, played by Laura Innes. Innes is leaving after twelve years on the show, the longest run for any main character. Weaver was, to my knowledge, only one of three lesbian moms in a regular television series, the other two being the (in)famous Bette and Tina. She was also one of the few regular characters with a disability. (Last season, however, Weaver underwent surgery and no longer walked with a crutch. The move seems to have been because Innes was experiencing back pain from the gait she had to assume.)

Her exit was rather bland—no heroic last rescue or touching scene with a dying patient, no surprise parting gift from the rest of the staff. In truth, given Weaver’s practical nature and often abrasive personality, that would have rung false. She left for supposed new job, as the medical commentator for a news station in Miami, with a few hugs and little fanfare.

Many of us have been disappointed that ER never developed Weaver’s relationships in as much detail as the other characters’ liasons. Still, ER has had consistently positive, if minor, LGBT plots throughout the years. As I’ve said before, too, we should commend them for avoiding the tired “lesbians searching for sperm” shtick when Dr. Weaver’s previous partner got pregnant. Let’s hope they introduce a new LGBT character in the coming season to make up for Dr. Weaver’s exit.