Blogging for LGBT Families DayIt’s here! Today is Blogging for LGBT Families Day, a day to raise awareness about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) families.

Why June 1st? This date falls exactly between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As such, it honors mothers and fathers equally, but also conveys that not all families fit into the traditional structure of one mother and one father. June 1st is also the start of Gay Pride Month.

Thanks to all of you who are taking part. A special thanks to Jennifer Schumaker, who is nearing the end of a 500-mile walk to encourage dialogue among LGBT people and their families, friends and allies. She took time out of her tiring schedule to write a post for our event. Best of luck to Jennifer in the final two days of her journey.

The list is now so long I’m not putting it on the front page. Click to view all participants:

  1. An Accident of Hope
  2. Adamant Sun
  3. Addition Problems
  4. Adventures in . . .
  5. The Adventures of Saia and Chago
  6. All the Little Things
  7. Artificially Sweetened
  8. Babycakes
  9. The Baby Juggler; second entry here
  10. Backinblakk
  11. Bean Anderson
  12. Bigfundrew
  13. Blogher
  14. The Boys in Our Life
  15. Brain Spew
  16. Busy TarP
  17. Butch Baby Makin’
  18. BYO Baby
  19. Carolina Rainbow News
  20. Cheaper than Therapy
  21. Cheese and Whine
  22. The Corrections
  23. Cousin Lucy’s Spoon
  24. Creative Destruction
  25. Crunchy Granola
  26. Cyberdope
  27. Damn Straight
  28. Diary of a Lesbian Step-Mother
  29. Dictionopolis in Digitopolis
  30. Digressions of a Mad Lesbian
  31. Dizzles Speak On It
  32. Dreamy Prune Whip
  33. Eagle Eye View
  34. An Elephant’s Gestation
  35. Emily Is Violet
  36. (en)Gender
  37. Equality Loudoun
  38. Faggots on the Third Floor
  39. La Familia Brophy
  40. The Family O
  41. Family of Choice
  42. The Femiknit Mafia
  43. Flooded Lizard Kingdom
  44. Frogblog
  45. The .:Fyr:. Place
  46. Gandksmoms
  47. Gay Dads for Equality
  48. The Gay Parenting Show
  49. The Gimp Parade
  50. Half Changed World
  51. Heart-to-Heart
  52. Hope and Megan’s Home Page
  53. Hydrangeas Are Pretty
  54. Individual Results May Vary
  55. Insane Animals
  56. Irrationalpoint’s Soapbox
  57. Januari
  58. Jet’s Place
  59. Journey of a Co-Mom in the Making
  60. Katebug31
  61. KellyVision
  62. Ker’s Korner
  63. The Last Debate
  64. The Lazy Cartoonist
  65. Lesbian and Gay Family Building Project
  67. The Lesbian Lifestyle
  68. Life with Jee
  69. Liza Was Here
  70. LizSpeaks
  71. The Lizzardbits Tale
  72. Lois and Holly’s Baby Story
  73. The Lost Bostonian
  74. A Mixed Up Family
  75. Mombian
  76. Monkeygirl
  77. Moxie
  78. The Muriels
  79. Mz. Understood
  80. Name That Mama; second entry here
  81. Navigating the Maze: Foster Parenting and Life
  82. Nilotic
  83. Nothing too serious, yeah right
  84. Oddmum
  85. One Odd Goose
  86. The Other Mother
  87. Our Own Creation
  88. Parent Hacks
  89. Penny Jane’s Story
  90. Perpetual Unbalance
  91. Peter’s Cross Station
  92. Probably Boring Ramblings
  93. Progressive News and Views
  94. Proud Prowsers
  95. The Q-triad Blog
  96. Queer in the Head
  97. Queer Parenting
  99. Rambling Girl
  100. Randomness Contained in an Emsy Shape
  101. RedMolly Picayune Democrat
  102. The Republic of T
  103. Riding the Gus Bus
  104. Seeking the Stork
  105. She Means the World to Me
  106. Silicon Valley Moms Blog
  107. Silver Fox Whispers
  108. So join the struggle while you may, the revolution is just a t-shirt away
  109. Somewhere over the Rainbow
  110. The Space Between
  111. Stacey and Angele’s Bloggity Blog
  112. Star Evelina
  113. Straight Not Narrow
  114. Tara Dharma
  115. Tex and Blondie
  116. A "Textbook-Good" Visit
  117. Then Again, Maybe Not
  118. They Will Hang Me from a Golden Rope
  119. Thinkradical
  120. Thoughts at Large from a Bishop at Large
  121. Toxic Jelly Bean
  122. Transcending Gender
  123. 2c Sundrie
  124. Tymothy Kate
  125. Vamprayne
  126. A Voyage Through Planned Motherhood
  127. Walk for Togetherness
  128. Welcome to My Insanity
  129. What About My Life Plan?
  130. What If No One’s Watching?
  131. What the Hell?
  132. When Do We Ge the Toaster?
  133. The Wild Silence
  134. World of Finches
  135. Written Rebellion

Listings are alphabetical by name of blog, not URL.