DNAScientists in Sweden have found further evidence that sexual orientation is innate. They discovered that certain odors produce different responses in the brains of straight and lesbian women. The pattern of brain activity for lesbians was similar, but not identical, to that of straight men. A year ago, the same team showed a similarity in response between the brains of straight women and gay men. (See also “A Genetic Basis for Sexual Orientation.”)

This is important support for those of us who believe we were born this way, and ammunition against those who claim sexual orientation is a learned behavior that can be modified. (Admittedly, there are some who feel it’s a choice for themselves, personally, even if they might concede it’s innate for others.)

Some scientists have questioned the Swedish team’s methods. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing at this stage. Much as I want to believe the results, I also think it is important they go through the full, scientific process of evaluation and peer review. Partially-proven results are no good to us. The team says it plans to do further research to address open issues.