Make Way for DucklingsThey laid eggs together. They prepared for parenthood together. But Romeo and Juliet, the famous two swans residing in the Boston Public Garden (remember Make Way for Ducklings?) both turn out to be female, the Boston Globe reported Friday. Unfortunately, since the eggs were unfertilized, they did not hatch. Visitors have suggested artificial insemination so the pair can be parents after all.

Biological Exuberance : Animal Homosexuality and Natural DiversityApparently, this is not an uncommon behaviour among swans if there is not an opposite-sex bird around. Swans will then stay with the same mate for life. reports further on this and other instances of gay and lesbian pairs in the animal world, a phenomenon one researcher calls “biological exuberance.” Somehow, I like that a whole lot better than “homosexual tendencies.”

No word yet on whether the swans will marry under Massachusetts law.