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Watch: “Holy” Video of Transgender, Gender Expansive Kids

Rainbow Train - Holy

“Holy,” the first video from the new children’s album celebrating transgender and gender expansive children may just bring tears of joy to your eyes. Watch.

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ELLE Features Androgynous Maternity Clothing Line

Boxers from Butchbaby & Co.

ELLE, one of the leading fashion magazine in the world, has just revealed sketches of the new androgynous maternity (“alternity”) clothing line from Butchbaby & Co. and posted a fantastic interview with the founders. Gender-nonconforming fashion is fashion indeed. Catch a sneak peek after the jump here, too.

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Mother’s Day: What’s In a Name?

Cherry Blossoms

Today is Mother’s Day, which has me thinking about the many ways of being a mother in today’s world, and about the concept of a “parenting identity”—which may or may not correspond with one’s gender identity.

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StoryCorps Founder Cites His Gay Dad’s Tale of Stonewall as Inspiration


Dave Isay, founder of the phenomenal StoryCorps oral history project heard on NPR (and on the Web), spoke recently about how the inspiration for StoryCorp came from his dad’s coming out and relating the story of Stonewall.

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Diverse Family Emojis Don’t Go Far Enough


Apple has just introduced families with same-sex parents, along with a variety of skin tones, to its emojis for messages and e-mails. That’s great. The problem? Those two features are mutually exclusive.

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