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Disabled Lesbian Mom War Vet Denied Benefits for Spouse and Daughter

Melissa Perkins-Fercha

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has told a disabled Iraq war veteran that she much pay back federal veterans benefits for her legal wife and daughter because the state of Texas does not recognize her marriage.


Mombian Monthly Recap — February


February always seems to fly by for me. In case it does for you, too, and you’ve missed some Mombian posts, I thought I’d recap some of my favorites.


Same-Sex Spouses Can Now Take FMLA Leave in All States


The U.S. Department of Labor has announced that married same-sex spouses who are otherwise eligible will be able to take time off to care for each other under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), even if they don’t live in states that recognize their marriage. But same-sex parents should know one more thing about FMLA.


Doctor Refuses to Care for Lesbian Moms’ Baby


File this under “despicable.” A two-mom couple in Michigan says the pediatrician they had selected to care for their newborn daughter has refused because they are lesbians.


Nation’s First Bisexual Governor Also a Stepmom

Kate Brown

Kate Brown made history yesterday as she became governor of Oregon and the country’s first openly bisexual governor. She’s also a stepmom.


Three Tips for Easing Administrivia after a Parent’s Passing

My mom died recently of cancer. While the death of a parent is first and foremost deeply emotional, it also brings with it a host of administrative tasks, especially if the parent has no surviving spouse. Here are three things my mom, brother, and I did to ensure the administrative side of things didn’t intrude overmuch.


Watch: New Freedom to Marry Ads Feature Same-Sex Parents

Alabama - Freedom to Marry

Two new ads from Freedom to Marry—one in Alabama and one national—prominently feature same-sex parents.


Can “One Million Kids for Equality” Make a Difference?

One Million Kids

A new campaign launched yesterday with the goal of engaging one million kids–whether LGBTQ, children of LGBTQ parents, or allies–in advance of this summer’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality.


Gay Dads to be Special Guests at State of the Union

U.S. Capitol

Gay dads Jeff and Todd Delmay, plaintiffs in the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Florida marriage equality case, will attend tonight’s State of the Union address as special guests of Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They might not be the only gay dads there, however.


Parents Taking Marriage Equality to U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court plaintiffs Pam and Nicole Yorksmith and child. Photo courtesy of Lambda Legal.

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears four cases this spring challenging state bans on marriage for same-sex couples, most of the plaintiffs will be parents. Let’s meet them.


Resources for Talking with Kids About Racism

Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day seems weighted with extra meaning in the wake of events in Ferguson, Missouri and elsewhere that have brought increased attention on our country’s racial inequalities. The problem is daunting, with no single or simple solution. One thing we parents can do, however, is to talk with our children about racism and Dr. King’s legacy—not just today, but all year long.


Parents in the Lead as Florida Same-Sex Couples Marry


Marriage equality brought a little more sunshine to Florida this week. Among the six plaintiff couples in the case that won it are four couples raising children, and another with an adult child and two grandchildren.


LGBTQ Parents and Our Children in 2014


Did 2014 bring LGBTQ parents and our children closer to equality? Most visibly, it was the year that marriage equality spread to most of the U.S.—a great thing for many families, but certainly not all that happened.


Texas Teen with Two Moms Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

Mason Marriott-Voss

Texas is not the most progressive of states, as most of us know. All the more reason, then, to admire 16-year-old Mason Marriott-Voss, who spoke recently about his two moms to a Freedom to Marry town hall at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin.


Top 10 Quotes About Children from Marriage Equality Judges

Scales of Justice

Here are some of the best statements about children and same-sex parents from the judges ruling on marriage equality this year. They made me cheer — and sometimes laugh with delight.


Does Your State Ban Talk of LGBTQ Issues in Classrooms?

Don't Erase Us

I wrote yesterday about anti-LGBT discrimination in schools — and was happy to learn later about a new campaign to address “no promo homo” laws that forbid discussion of LGBT issues in classrooms.


Anti-LGBT Discrimination in Education, from Preschool On


A new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) highlights anti-LGBT discrimination in education, from preschool through college.


Reading on Racism

Black Lives Matter

I’ve been continuing to read many articles written lately about the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Jr. and others, and about racism in our country generally. Here are a few I’ve found particularly insightful.


Facing Injustice for Eric Garner


I’m furious today and thinking about race. Barely a week after a grand jury in Missouri refused to indict a White police officer in the shooting death of a Black teen, a grand jury in New York refused to indict a White police officer in the choking death of Eric Garner, a Black man and father of six.


Nearly 14,000 More Kids Now in States Where Parents Can Marry


Marriage equality is continuing to sweep through the South, and the latest spate of federal rulings mean that nearly 14,000 more children of same-sex parents now live in states where their parents can marry.


Wishing Peace for Ferguson and Racial Justice Everywhere


I am angry, and sad, and frustrated today. My thoughts are with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, especially the family of Michael Brown, as a grand jury chose not to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer charged in the shooting death of the teen. Let us not forget that we must all continue to work together for racial justice.


A Veterans Day for All

American Flag

Not only is today Veterans Day, but this month is Military Family Month. I’m celebrating my favorite veteran, my spouse (who shared her story last Veterans Day), but also thinking about the currently serving military families among my extended family and friends.


Watch: Two Moms and Daughter on “Who We Are As Southerners”

Alabama moms - Freedom to Marry

Jessica and Chi are two moms living in Alabama with their seven-year-old daughter. They married in Connecticut last year, but their marriage is not recognized by the state where they live, work, and go to church. Watch them tell their story.


Pregnant Woman with Dying Partner Pleads to Marry

Liz Molina and Joan Rodriguez

Liz Molina is dying of cervical cancer. Her partner Joan Rodriguez is pregnant with their son, but it is unclear if Liz will live to see his birth in November. Even if she does, her name will not appear on his birth certificate, and he will not be entitled to any legal benefits — they live in Florida, and the two women cannot marry.


For Same-Sex Parents in Military, Challenges Remain

American Flag

Marriage equality is sweeping the nation (32 states and counting!), and LGB people have been able to serve openly in the U.S. military since 2011. Same-sex military parents and their children still face challenges, however.