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Thinking of Peace


My thoughts for the past few days have been in Paris, Beirut, and everywhere around the world that has felt the fear and impact of terrorism.

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Judge Orders Foster Child Out of Two-Mom Home


In an appalling move, Utah Juvenile Court Judge Scott Johansen ordered a foster child removed from the home of a married two-woman couple, saying the child would be better off with heterosexual parent.

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No Birth Certificates, No Equality


“It’s not marriage equality until same-sex parents both appear on birth certificates” say two leading LGBTQ attorneys—and I couldn’t agree more.

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Nonbio “De Facto” Mom Granted Shared Custody in Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Seal

In a state first, a Massachusetts court has said a nonbiological de facto mother was entitled to share custody with her ex, the child’s biological mother.

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Milestones in LGBT Parenting History


October is LGBT History Month, and I want to celebrate with a look at some of the historical milestones—of laws, visibility, and community—related to LGBT parents in the U.S.

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