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Grandmothers (also an Olympic Medalist and Fashion Entrepreneur) Reflect on Marriage Equality


Olympic medalist and financial executive Gail Marquis and her spouse, entrepreneur and fashion commentator Audrey Smaltz, spoke recently with MSNBC about marriage equality, their own relationship, and their granddaughter.


LGBT Parenting Roundup


Let’s set aside the obvious political stories for a moment to take a look at some other LGBT parenting news, including a few family profiles, entertainment news, and penguins. Seriously, with all these stories, the penguin should be adopted as the mascot for LGB parents.


Watch: Utah Moms Share Their Love Story


Here’s your daily dose of adorable. Candice and Megan are a couple living in Utah with their baby daughter, who just radiates cuteness. In the video below, they share their feelings for each other, how they got married during the brief window for same-sex couples in Utah, and what marriage means to them as moms.


A Lesbian Mom Shares Her Transracial Adoption Story


Kera Bolonik, a White lesbian mom, has written a must-read piece about adopting a Black son, in which she reflects on race, difference, assimilation, community, and more.


Watch: “Kids Of Gay Parents Speak Out” from the U.K.


This short film of kids with gay parents will guarantee a cheery start to your Monday morning.


Watch: Dads and Son from Honey Maid Commercial Talk About Their Family


The two dads and their son featured in a recent commercial for Honey Maid graham crackers tell us about their family — while making s’mores, of course.


Melissa Harris-Perry Credits Gay Dads for Her Path to Parenthood Via Surrogacy


MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry had her second child on Valentine’s Day last week — surprising many viewers of her show because she wasn’t “visibly pregnant.” She gave birth to her first child in 2002, but had her uterus removed in 2008 after suffering from uterine fibroids. She credits “a dear friend and his husband,” who had their child by surrogacy, for suggesting that she do the same.


Lesbian Moms, Queer Daughter: One Story


It’s a myth that LGBTQ parents will necessarily have LGBTQ kids. Some will, however, simply because some percentage of parents, LGBTQ and not, always will. At COLAGE’s KidSafe blog, Sonya, who identifies as queer and has lesbian moms, writes about being a “second-gen” LGBTQ person — but also about how she and her moms have “Two Separate Identities.”


Parents in the Mix as Marriage Equality Fight Moves South


Florida on Tuesday became the latest state where same-sex couples have filed a lawsuit for marriage equality. Meet some of the same-sex parent couples helping to make that happen.


Oregon Men Marry After 60 Years Together


I try to stick with parenting stuff around here because I can’t write about everything, and others have general LGBT happenings covered better than I can. Sometimes something comes along, however, that is just so touching, I have to post about it. This time, it’s the marriage of Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth, who “have been together since they the day they met in Chicago in 1953.”


Watch: Homecoming for a Military Mom with Her Partner and their Daughter


Cynthia is a U.S. Air Force officer who was stationed in Afghanistan for seven months. Watch this great video of her homecoming with her partner Karissa and their infant daughter. It’s sure to put a smile on your face.


Unilever’s “Why Bring a Child Into the World?” Series Features Lesbian Moms-to-Be


Jessica and Maria are having a baby — and have made a video talking about why they want to bring a child into the world despite food shortages, overpopulation, war, and other large-scale challenges. The video is part of Unilever’s Project Sunlight, “a new initiative to inspire sustainable living.” It “invites consumers to get involved in doing small things which help their own families, others around the world and the planet.”


Actor Maria Bello Comes Out to Her Son — and the World

Photo credit: Thomas Attila Lewis

If you read just one piece today, make it “Coming Out as a Modern Family,” by actor and activist Maria Bello (ER, Coyote Ugly, The Jane Austen Book Club, Prisoners, and the unfortunately short-lived U.S. version of Prime Suspect, among others). Bello writes in the New York Times about her relationship with another woman, coming out to her son, and why she refuses to put a label on her love.


Watch: Teen Presents on “Growing Up with Two Moms” at National Association of the Deaf Conference


Jehanne McCullough is 17, a senior at the Maryland School for the Deaf, and has two moms. She recently gave a presentation at the 2013 Jr. NAD (National Association of the Deaf) Conference, in which she discusses her moms and what schools can do to be more inclusive of children with same-sex parents. Watch the video below.


Grown Children of Lesbian Moms Talk About Their Moms


Two pieces caught my eye this week that take a nuanced and unflinching look at the challenges and joys of having lesbian moms. Personally, I love reading pieces by grown children of LGBT parents. It’s useful to read things by other LGBT parents, of course — but the perspectives of those who have LGBT parents help me better understand how my son might view certain things in his world as he grows up. (Not that everyone who has LGBT parents will think the same — but they help me realize some of the possibilities.)


Adoptive Lesbian Moms: “We know what it’s like to be different”


Adoptive lesbian moms Bianca Monreal and Tonie Alfonso, profiled at HuffPo, said that they believe gay people are particularly suited to be adoptive parents.


In Memoriam: Jennifer Neuman-Roper, Mom and New Mexico Marriage Plaintiff


Jennifer Neuman-Roper, mother of three, spouse of Angelique Neuman-Roper, and a plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit for the right to marry in New Mexico, died Friday at age 44 of brain cancer, The Advocate reports.


Love, From East to West


I’m torn about the possibility that Hawaii could become the next state to enact marriage equality. Once same-sex couples can marry on a beach in Maui, why would they want to marry anyplace else? On the other hand, hearing the story of Maureen Kilian and Cindy Meneghin, two moms who were among the plaintiffs in the case that won marriage equality in New Jersey, I know I want marriage equality everywhere. Watch:


Watch Now: “If She Grows Up Gay” — 1983 Short Film About a Lesbian Mom


I love this short film about a blue-collar, African American, lesbian mom in the early 80s — a lovely portrait of a life at a time when lesbian lives, much less those of lesbians of color and lesbian moms, were little known.


Essence’s “Mommy Talk” Talks With Lesbian Mom

essence_thompson’s “Mommy Talk” columnist Chic Busy Mom spoke recently with Donyell Thompson, who is raising a one-year-old son with her spouse Krista. Thanks to Elixher for the link.


Post of the Week: “Power of Two”


Before I was even done with it, I knew “Power of Two” by Amanda McGee was going to be my Post of the Week. She tells the lovely, poignant story of her in-laws, two women, finally deciding to marry and be open about their relationship. Their grandchildren’s response is delightful.


Julie Silver: A Journey of Faith, Family, and Song


It’s the season of the High Holidays for Jews around the world—and that means that Julie Silver, one of the most popular singers and songwriters of Jewish contemporary music — and a lesbian mom — is very busy. She took time, however, to speak with me about being a mom, balancing family and work, coming out, living as an interfaith family, and doing good in the world.


Learn More About Two of the Gay Dads Challenging Nebraska Foster Parent Ban


Three same-sex couples yesterday challenged Nebraska’s ban on gay men and lesbians becoming foster parents. One of the couples — and the five children they adopted out of foster care in California, where they previously lived — were the subject of a documentary a few years ago. Read my interview with the filmmaker and see a trailer after the jump, and learn more about the dads who are clearly continuing to do good for their family and others.


New Zealand Moms First to Wed at 30,000 Feet


New Zealand welcomed marriage equality this week, and moms Lynley Bendall and Ally Wanikau were among the first to wed. They did so in style — at 30,000 feet on a special Air New Zealand flight, after winning a contest held by the airline. Watch a video of their wedding, along with the charming video of their kids that won them the contest in the first place.


Style Network Star Speaks About Life with Her Two Moms

Kelly Brady and her moms Libby and Cyndy.

Kelly Brady, one of the stars of the Style Network’s City Girl Diaries, will be bringing one of her two moms to work on tomorrow’s show. Even if, like me, your idea of style is to make sure your socks match, you might want to tune in, or at least read the lengthy interview she did with GLAAD […]