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Voices Out of the Silence

Day of Silence 2015

Today is the Day of Silence, when many students from middle school to college choose not to speak, in order to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBTQ bullying and harassment. LGBTQ youth and those with LGBTQ parents still face challenges—but there are slow changes for the better.

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Does Your State Ban Talk of LGBTQ Issues in Classrooms?

Don't Erase Us

I wrote yesterday about anti-LGBT discrimination in schools — and was happy to learn later about a new campaign to address “no promo homo” laws that forbid discussion of LGBT issues in classrooms.

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Anti-LGBT Discrimination in Education, from Preschool On


A new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP) highlights anti-LGBT discrimination in education, from preschool through college.

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For LGBT Students, School Is Often Still Hostile, but Getting Better

LGBT Students Discrimination - GLSEN

LGBT students in the United States report high levels of victimization and discrimination, although things are slowly getting better, according to a new report.

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12-Year-Old with Two Moms Makes Film About Bullying

Equation of Life

Gerry Orz is a 12-year-old living with his two moms and older brother. He’s just made a short film about a boy with two moms who is bullied by a classmate — a reflection of his own experience. This is the second such film he’s made — the first was when he was only nine! Watch a trailer and learn more about his ongoing activism.

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