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Children of LGBTQ Parents: Readings and Resources


A couple of recent articles look at the perspectives of children with LGBTQ parents—and I’ve pulled together a plethora of further resources.

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U.S. Department of Education to Collect New Data on Anti-LGBT Bias, GSAs


A major survey from the U.S. Department of Education will ask new questions about anti-LGBT bias in schools and about gay-straight alliance clubs (GSAs).

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Back-to-School Reflections of a Lesbian Mom


Back-to-school time always raises mixed feelings in me. On the one hand, years of being in academia make me see September, not January, as the start of the year (or maybe it’s just a Jewish thing). On the other, the lazy days of summer are giving way to school time’s hectic rush, with my son’s after-school activities, homework reminders, and the various other events and paperwork that public education brings in its wake.

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Back-to-School Resources for LGBTQ Parents

Pride Flag School Bus

I first started posting back-to-school resources for LGBTQ parents in 2006, before my own son was even in school. He’s grown and changed, and so has this list. I hope it remains useful, whether your children are just entering school, starting a new school, or encountering new issues in their educational journeys.

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How Schools Stigmatize Adopted Children of Same- and Different-Sex Parents


A new study has shown that many adopted children, with both same- and different-sex parents, experience stigmatization in preschool.

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