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Regnerus Discredited Again: Tough Transitions, Not Gay or Lesbian Parents, Are the Problem

LGBTQ Families

Sociologist Mark Regnerus’ study of gay and lesbian parents has been thoroughly discredited, but here’s a nice new piece of empirical evidence against it.

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Children of LGBTQ Parents: Readings and Resources


A couple of recent articles look at the perspectives of children with LGBTQ parents—and I’ve pulled together a plethora of further resources.

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Consensus Reached: Children of Same-Sex Parents Do Just as Well

Same-sex Families

A new study of scientific literature concludes that a consensus has been reached about how well children do with same-sex parents. You can likely guess the answer—but some are rightly questioning whether it even matters.

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Homophobia, Perfection, and Pressure on Kids of LGBTQ Parents

Speech Bubble

One of the best pieces I’ve read this week is by a man who explains “How homophobia turned me against my gay mother.” Spoiler alert: He turned back—and in doing so, offers some very useful advice for all of us LGBTQ parents.

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More Evidence Against Discredited Study of Same-Sex Parents

Same-sex Families

Mark Regnerus must be having a bad week. The University of Texas at Austin sociologist’s study of same-sex parents was further discredited by a new study that uses the same data but comes to vastly different conclusions.

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