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Same-Sex Parents Spend More Time with Kids, Study Says

Same-sex Families

A new study has found that children with same-sex parents receive significantly more “child-focused parent time” each day than those with different-sex parents.

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Most LGBTQ-Inclusive National Foster Care Month Proclamation Ever

President Barack Obama

For the first time, a president has been fully inclusive of LGBTQ parents in a proclamation for National Foster Care Month or its counterpart, National Adoption Month. We still have a long way to go before equality in foster care and adoption, however.

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Updated Guide to LGBT Health Covers Parenting and Much More

Fenway Guide

Many of us LGBTQ people have had awkward, if not discriminatory, encounters with health care professionals. A newly revised guide aims to change that.

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Two Kids Discuss Being Donor Conceived

Egg and sperm

A seven- and a twelve-year-old, a world apart, have shared their views on being donor conceived. Listen to what they have to say.

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Adoptions Under Threat


A Florida bill that would have allowed adoption agencies receiving public funds to discriminate against LGBTQ people looks dead for now—but similar bills are alive in several other states.

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