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Texas Candidate Touts His Two Moms in Campaign Video


David Rosen is running for treasurer of the most populous county in Texas. In his latest campaign video, he explains how his two moms, retired public schoolteachers, inspired him to serve his community.


Help Foster Change for LGBTQ Foster Youth

LGBTQ Foster Youth

A new study has found that one in five foster youth in Los Angeles are LGBTQ — which means they are over-represented compared to LGBTQ youth in the general population. They’re also twice as likely to report being treated poorly and twice as likely to live in a group facility compared to non-LGBTQ youth. But a bold project is working on a new model of caring for LGBTQ foster youth, in L.A. and across the country — and it needs your help.


Back-to-School ABCs for LGBTQs


My son is about to start middle school. I’m excited to shop for school supplies with him and thrilled that he’s growing and learning — but like many parents, I also wonder what the school year will have in store for him.


Back-to-School Resources for LGBTQ Parents

Pride Flag School Bus

This is the time of year when I look at the calendar and put a pillow over my head. The start of school can’t be just around the corner. Any parent of school-age children may feel similarly, but we LGBTQ parents may feel extra pressure not knowing if our children’s teachers and classmates will be welcoming to our families. Here are some resources that may help you work constructively with schools and teachers in the year ahead.


Virginia Aunts Still Waiting to Become Moms


Two Virginia women who want to be moms are practicing by being awesome aunts. Why aren’t they taking steps to become parents? They’re waiting until both can be legal mothers to their child in their state. The U.S. Supreme Court is (so far) not helping.


Help Girl with Two Moms Win Scholarship

Girl with Two Moms - Matchmade

Olivia Kelly is a 14-year-old student in Massachusetts who’s in the running to win a $50,000 college scholarship for sharing the story of how her moms met — but she needs your help!


The Children’s Film with Same-Sex Parents That Robin Williams Helped Launch

That's a Family - Lesbian Moms

Among the little-known deeds of comedian Robin Williams, mourned by many of us this week, is that he helped launch a groundbreaking children’s film that included same-sex parents.


LGBT Parenting Roundup: “We’re Not Superhuman” Edition


A miscellany of LGBT parenting news, from the personal to the political, that I haven’t covered elsewhere.


LGB Families: What We Know and What We Don’t


A recent report from UCLA’s Williams Institute on the state of research about LGB families not only reiterates that our children are doing as well as anyone else’s, but also offers some lesser-known insights about the composition and strengths of our families — and gives thoughtful suggestions for the direction of future research.


Teen Gives Award-Winning Speech About His Gay Dad


Fifteen-year-old Albie Williams recently won a U.K. speaking competition for a personal, funny, and touching speech about his gay dad.


Watch: Short Films Celebrating Black Queer Motherhood


While visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful screening of four short films about Black queer motherhood. The even was hosted by Sistah Sinema, a multi-city network for Queer Women of Color cinema. Learn more and watch one of the films (from 1983!) after the jump.


Two-Mom Military Families Showcased by American Military Partner Association


The American Military Partner Association (AMPA), the nation’s largest organization for partners, spouses, families, and allies of LGBT military and veterans, has showcased two two-mom families this week. I’m proud to say I know one of them.


Looking Back from a Milestone


My son finished elementary school this month, and while he seems to be approaching the idea of middle school with aplomb (or at least with the casual coolness of which 11-year-olds seem capable), I’m having a bad case of nostalgia right now. We’re at a family milestone, but I remind myself that such milestones are only the most prominent markers along a path full of signs and wonders.


Watch: Mother Tells Story of Her Transgender Daughter


This video of Debi Jackson, a self-proclaimed “conservative Southern Baptist Republican from Alabama,” talking about her six-year-old transgender daughter, will bring tears of happiness to your eyes.


Gay Congressman’s 1st Daughter “Far More Thrilling” Than Fireworks


A very many congratulations to the U.S. Rep. from Colorado, Jared Polis, who welcomed his first daughter (and second child) with partner Marlon Reis. Polis told the Denver Post that although he was missing the July 4th fireworks for the first time in his life, “my first daughter is far more thrilling.” The couple already […]


Study Shows Children of Same-Sex Parents Still Doing Fine


A major academic study from Australia has shown that the children of same-sex attracted parents are doing as well as, if not better than, their peers in the general population on several key measures of health and well-being.


LGBT Parenting Roundup


Here are a few items from the last half of Pride Month that I haven’t covered elsewhere, including a piece by the son of the California marriage equality lead plaintiffs.


Pregnant LGBQ Women Wanted for Study on Postpartum Well-Being


One of the social scientists I (and many others) cite often when it comes to LGBQ parents and our kids is Dr. Abbie Goldberg of Clark University. She’s conducting a new study on postpartum well-being in sexual minority women, and is looking for pregnant women partnered with other women. Know any (including yourself)? Read on.


Mommy Man: It Takes a Village to Create a Child

Jerry Mahoney’s “Mommy Man: How I Went from Mild-Mannered Geek to Gay Superdad,” is a wonderful addition to the growing genre of LGBT parenting memoirs, not only because of its sharp writing and smart humor, but because it shows us an aspect of LGBT parenting we haven’t seen in a book-length memoir before—two men pursuing parenthood through gestational surrogacy.


Grandmothers (also an Olympic Medalist and Fashion Entrepreneur) Reflect on Marriage Equality


Olympic medalist and financial executive Gail Marquis and her spouse, entrepreneur and fashion commentator Audrey Smaltz, spoke recently with MSNBC about marriage equality, their own relationship, and their granddaughter.


Another School Shooting: When Will We Have Had Enough?

My thoughts go out today to the community of Troutdale, Oregon, where a student and a suspected shooter are both dead after the later opened fire at Reynolds High School. When 27 people died after a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut two years ago, ABC News reported that there had been 31 school shootings since the one in Columbine, Colorado in 1999. Now, we learn that there have been 74 school shootings since Newtown. How many is too many?


Watch: This Is What Accepting Our Children Looks Like

From the time he could talk, the Whittington family’s child Ryland insisted he was a boy, even though his parents initially thought he was a girl. Their support of his true identity is a heartwarming and inspiring story for all parents.


LGBTQ Parenting Roundup


While we’ve been gearing up for and winding down from Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day, lots of things have been in the news related to LGBTQ families. Let’s round them up!


Stories of Foster Families Offer Many Perspectives


May is National Foster Care Month, and I’ve been enjoying many of the recent stories of foster families at RaiseAChild.US. Read on for links to their tales and to other information resources for LGBTQ foster families.


Parenting Changes Gay Dads’ Brain Activity: Does It Matter?


A new study shows that having a child triggers changes in a mother’s brain — and that becoming a parent via surrogacy can trigger changes in a gay man’s brain, too. Interestingly, the gay men’s pattern of brain activity “resembles that of both new mothers and new fathers,” reports Reuters. The article speculates that the research “could feed into the debate over whether gay men should be allowed to adopt children.” As fascinating as the findings may be, I rather hope they’re not used in the adoption argument.