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We’ve Redecorated!

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Blogs are like children–sometimes they need a new set of clothes. Mombian is sporting a new look today, fresh and mobile-ready!

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My Mother’s Passing

My mother died last Thursday, six weeks after a cancer diagnosis.

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The New Mombian YouTube Channel: 200+ LGBTQ Family Videos


I’m very excited to announce the new Mombian YouTube Channel, where I’ve collected and organized over 200 videos about LGBTQ families. There are videos for and by both LGBTQ parents and our kids, so come check it out!

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Let’s Meet at BlogHer!


I’m heading off this week to the exceptionally awesome 10th Anniversary BlogHer Conference in San Jose, where I’ll be on a panel about “Mom Blogging: The Next 10 Years.” Will you be at the conference? Drop me a note and let’s meet up!

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Summer Break


It’s July 4 week, so I’m taking a few days off to spend with my family. As a parenting blogger, if I can’t do that, I risk jeopardizing the “parenting” part of that title. I hope those of you who likewise have a long weekend get to spend it doing fun things. If you don’t […]

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