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Same-Sex Couples More Equitable in Childcare, Chores than Different-Sex Ones

Washing machine

Same-sex couples tend to share child care and certain household chores more equitably than different-sex ones, according to a new study.

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The Maytag Man Wishes You a Happy Pride

Maytag Man

As a parent, laundry is a big part of my life. From baby onesies to pre-teen gym shorts, I’ve washed it all and lived to tell the tale. I was thrilled, therefore, to see that the iconic Maytag repairman is supporting LGBTQ Pride.

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Give OUT to Your Favorite LGBTQ Nonprofit


Today is the third national Give OUT Day, so I hope you’ll consider giving something to your favorite national or local LGBTQ nonprofit. Any day is a good day to give, of course, but doing so en masse like this helps show the power of our community and allies.

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LGBT Women More Likely to Live in Poverty


A new report from a wide range of research and advocacy organizations shows that because of discriminatory laws, LGBT women are among the most at risk of poverty in the U.S.–and that this can impact their starting and raising a family.

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Three Tips for Easing Administrivia after a Parent’s Passing

My mom died recently of cancer. While the death of a parent is first and foremost deeply emotional, it also brings with it a host of administrative tasks, especially if the parent has no surviving spouse. Here are three things my mom, brother, and I did to ensure the administrative side of things didn’t intrude overmuch.

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