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A Turkey Baster Awareness Message from a Lesbian Mom


As a public service announcement today, I feel obligated to inform those who didn’t use assisted reproduction that a turkey baster is not, in fact, the implement of choice. Even when using the do-it-yourself method of insemination at home, a special syringe is the way to go.

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On Thankfulness and Social Justice

Pumpkin Pie

In my family of origin, Thanksgiving is our biggest holiday. It’s an odd holiday for us to be celebrating, though, when I think about it.

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New Christmas Book Features Child with Two Dads

The Christmas Truck

Many of us are starting our holiday shopping this week, so it’s great to be able to share a fun new Christmas picture book starring a child with two dads!

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November 18: A Very Queer Day

Marriage Ruling

The week of November 18 should be an LGBT holiday, as I see it, at least in the United States and United Kingdom.

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A Veterans Day for All

American Flag

Not only is today Veterans Day, but this month is Military Family Month. I’m celebrating my favorite veteran, my spouse (who shared her story last Veterans Day), but also thinking about the currently serving military families among my extended family and friends.

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