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Our Time at the White House Easter Egg Roll


My family and I had a truly delightful time at the White House Easter Egg Roll this past Monday. I never thought I’d see anyone do event organizing and crowd management like Disney World, but the White House staff gives them a run for their money.


Off to the White House Easter Egg Roll!


I’m very excited. My family and I got tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll this year, so we’re heading down to D.C. this weekend for the chance to tumble ovoids around the president’s lawn.


Jewish Book Project Offers Free Purim Picture Book with Gay Dads


One of the more delightful recent picture books featuring a child with LGBT parents is Elisabeth Kushner’s The Purim Superhero, about a child with gay dads celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim. I wrote about the book last year when it was first published — and am pleased to see that PJ Library, a project that sends free children’s books to Jewish families, is offering free copies of the book to subscribers who request it.


Celebrating Love, in Virginia and Beyond


Today is a day to celebrate love. How appropriate, then, that late yesterday, Federal District Court Judge Arenda Wright Allen struck down Virginia’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples, and in her ruling, quoted Mildred Loving of Loving v. Virginia, the case that struck down that state’s and the country’s anti-miscegenation laws.


For Martin Luther King Day: Race, Parenting, and Representation

For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, it seemed appropriate to mention two recent Internet postings that highlight issues of race and parenting.


Happy New Year 2014!


New Year’s Day always reminds me of my son’s first year, when we dressed him up in a “Happy New Year” sash and a diaper to be Baby New Year at my in-laws’ party. I won’t post pictures, since his now-10-year-old self would never forgive me — but I do smile at the memory. Time flies, which means we must be having fun, right?


Make the Yuletide Gay


A very merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it today! My interfaith family has been partying since Thanksgivukkah, which means the amount of chocolate and wrapping paper around our house is at an all-time high. I’ll be taking a couple of days away from the blog to enjoy said chocolate and clean up the wrapping paper. […]


Share Your Family’s Holiday Card with Governors of Anti-Equality States


This holiday season, GLAAD is organizing a campaign to help both LGBT families and allies send a copy of their family’s holiday card to the governors of anti-equality states, with a note saying that all families should be treated equally. It’s a great idea that could have a big impact.


Give Back on Giving Tuesday


Today is Giving Tuesday, a new-ish, more altruistic counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when we’re asked to give back to our communities and our world. Will you be giving (monetarily or otherwise) today or at other times during this holiday season?


The Best Rendition of “I Had a Little Dreidel” Is by a Lesbian Mom


Yes, there is more to Hanukkah music than “I Had a Little Dreidel,” elementary school music teachers notwithstanding. But while this week’s once-in-a-lifetime concurrence of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah has led to any number of new “Thanksgivukkah” songs, sometimes I just want the classics. And Julie Silver’s bluesy rendition of “Dreidel” makes what can sometimes be a tired old number seem cool again.


Between Love and Country: A Guest Post from My Spouse for Veteran’s Day


For Veteran’s Day, here’s a guest post from my favorite veteran — my spouse Helen Maynard, a former Air Force captain. When I asked her for a guest post, I didn’t know what she would write. I think I owe her cookies for this one.


Happy Halloween!


My son is going trick or treating as Steve, the protagonist of Minecraft, his favorite video game. How are you and your kids celebrating Halloween?


Betty Crocker Celebrates ALL Families


A treat for your weekend viewing: In honor of yesterday’s National Coming Out Day, Betty Crocker posted a wonderful video of LGBT families at the New York City and Twin Cities Pride events this year.


Coming Out and Being Visible As a Lesbian Mom


Today is National Coming Out Day. As I mentioned in my coming out resources post yesterday, I came out well before I became a parent. Yet even being out from Day One of parenthood doesn’t mean visibility is easy. Here are a few things my experience has taught me.


Coming Out Resources for LGBT Parents


Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. I came out well before I became a parent; other LGBT parents may be motivated to come out because they are becoming parents (like celebrity gay dads Ricky Martin and Clay Aiken each did). Still others come out to our children after the children thought we were straight or cis-gendered. For those in the latter category, here are some resources to help you do so. Tomorrow, I’ll post about my own experience and why I think being visible still presents challenges, no matter how out we think we are.


Get Your “I Love My Mummies” Halloween T-Shirts Here


Just in time for Halloween, get your “I Love My Mummies” t-shirts and other kid apparel in the Mombian Store at CafePress. Also suitable for better blending in during the zombie apocalypse. Thanks to my own “mummy” for the artwork.


LGBT History Month Parenting Trivia Answer


And the answer to yesterday’s LGBT History Month parenting trivia question is:


LGBT History Month Trivia: Name that Famous LGBT Parent


What better way to celebrate LGBT History Month than with a trivia question about a historical LGBT parent? Can you name this famous LGBT parent, described by his son as below (after the jump)?


For a Sweet New Year: Meet Some Jewish Lesbian Moms


Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, so I’m honoring the occasion not only by baking (and eating) ridiculous amounts of challah and honey cake (a low-carb people we are not), but also by rounding up a few recent stories about Jewish lesbian moms.


Happy Juneteenth Day


Today is Juneteenth Day, which marks the emancipation of Black slaves in Texas in 1865, and celebrates emancipation generally. It’s a good day to reflect both on racism and on the many overlapping issues of social justice in our country.


LGBT Parenting Roundup – Fathers’ Day Edition


I’m usually pretty focused on moms here at Mombian, but I had a dad myself, I have a son who may someday be one, and I’m happy to acknowledge anyone of any gender who takes on the title and is celebrating this weekend. Herewith, a roundup of some great stories about dads—including ones about gay dads from a few sites you might not usually frequent, as well as a great video.


The Freedom of Loving


Forty-six years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in its landmark Loving vs. Virginia decision. The resonance with the pending Supreme Court decision on marriage for same-sex couples is obvious—but there is another thing we should keep in mind as we reflect on the significance of this anniversary.


A Baker’s Dozen of Memoirs By and About Lesbian Moms


In honor of mothers today, here are a baker’s dozen of memoirs by and about lesbian moms. They are not just for lesbian or LGBT audiences, however, but shed light on many of the universal challenges and blessings of motherhood.


Happy Motherz Day


The New Yorker’s terrific cover this week shows two moms reading a card while their children peek from the next room. Artist Chris Ware explained his thinking behind the image in a blog post titled “Happy Mothers’ Day.” That should come as no surprise; the magazine ran a cartoon in 2011 in which a girl with two mothers explains to her teacher how she punctuates the holiday. But as I pointed out then, “Mothers’ Day” doesn’t necessarily reflect all lesbian moms.


How 12 Two-Mom Families Are Celebrating Mothers’ Day and Motherhood

Angela and Fernanda, courtesy of Freedom to Marry

In honor of Mothers’ Day, Freedom to Marry has asked 12 two-mom families to talk about how they are celebrating the holiday, what being a mother means to them, and what marriage means to their family (whether or not they are currently married). There are couples with infants (one only a month old!), and ones […]