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Breakthrough Filmmaker on Representation in Pop Culture


Filmmaker Justin Simien, who won for “Best First Screenplay” at the Film Independent Spirit Awards Saturday night, offered encouragement to anyone who doesn’t feel represented in popular culture.


Sesame Street Hits Milestone, without LGBTQ Inclusion


Sesame Street has been a pioneer of diversity in children’s television, unafraid to incorporate characters of various ethnicities, languages, and physical abilities. They had a multi-episode storyline with an adoptive single mother in 2006. Why then, have they still shown no clearly LGBTQ characters (rumors about Bert and Ernie notwithstanding)?


Weekly Wrap-Up, with a Dash of Fosters

The Fosters - Camping

I’ve written a lot this week, so I’m going to give you and me a chance to catch up, with a recap of posts and a sneak peek image from next Monday’s episode of The Fosters.


Watch: Trailer for Ellen DeGeneres’ Lesbian Mom Sitcom

One Big Happy

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Ellen Degeneres-produced sitcom about a single lesbian mom, One Big Happy. Here are my initial thoughts on the show.


LGBTQ Parents and Our Children in 2014


Did 2014 bring LGBTQ parents and our children closer to equality? Most visibly, it was the year that marriage equality spread to most of the U.S.—a great thing for many families, but certainly not all that happened.


Make the Yuletide Gay: Here’s a Lesbian Mom Singing Carols for You

Christmas Tree

A very merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! In honor of the holiday, here’s lesbian mom Melissa Etheridge singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Make the Yuletide gay indeed.


“The Fosters” Don their Gay Apparel

The Fosters Christmas Special

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” Christmas special airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET. It looks to be full of holiday spirit, teen drama, and mamas in pajamas!


Peter Pan: My First Lesbian Role Model

Peter Pan

NBC is devoting its primetime block this Thursday night to a live production of Peter Pan. I’m excited — Peter Pan was my first lesbian role model.


Watch: Cute Pop n’ Olly Video Explains Different Families to Kids

Pop n' Olly

In less than three minutes, this adorable kids’ video from the Pop n’ Olly series explains different types of families.


Watch: Music Video of Two-Mom, Two-Dad Families

Cathy and Marcy - Dancin in the Kitchen

Here’s the full video of “Dancin’ in the Kitchen,” the new song about diverse families by Grammy winners Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. Watch it with your kids!


Watch: Videos from New Kids’ Album about Diverse Families

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. Photo credit: Sarah R. Coats

Watch a couple of fun clips from the upcoming children’s music album Dancin’ in the Kitchen: Songs for All Families, by two-time Grammy Award-winners Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.


New Kids’ Album from Grammy Winners Celebrates Diverse Families

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. Photo credit: Sarah R. Coats

The lyric, “I belong to a family. It may not look like your family,” epitomizes the joyous new children’s album Dancin’ in the Kitchen, by two-time Grammy Award-winning duo Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. Families with same-sex parents are only one of the many types of families celebrated in this warm and funny collection.


Lesbian Moms Are Funny — At Least This One


Judy Gold has been a stand-up comedian for 20 years and won two Emmys for writing and producing The Rosie O’Donnell Show. She’s also a “Jewish lesbian mother of two,” and spoke recently with Forbes about where she gets her sense of humor, how she got started in standup, her one-woman shows, and what she thinks about labels.


Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Are Expecting


Actor Sara Gilbert, co-host of CBS’ The Talk, announced on yesterday’s show that she and her spouse, musician Linda Perry, are expecting their first child together.


How The Fosters Season 2 Impressed Me


What do you get when you take two moms and five kids of assorted race and ethnicity, place in a home, sprinkle the neighborhood with other parental figures, and stir well? The answer is ABC Family’s The Fosters, which finished its second season in August. It remains not just a show about a lesbian-headed family, but one of the most thoughtful family shows on television. Here are some of the things I liked best about this season.


Watch: Trailer for Series about Transgender Parent


Last January, I wrote about the pilot for Transparent, a half-hour drama that centers around a transgender parent who is just beginning to transition. Amazon Studios had promised to use viewer feedback to determine whether to produce the full series — and I’m happy to say the results were favorable. Watch the trailer after the jump.


Let This Lesbian Mom Help You Win at Scrabble


Like many writers, I love word games, and am eager to get a copy of the just-published fifth edition of The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which includes more than 5000 new words. One of the new entries is the Yiddish word “schmutz” — and for those of you unclear on its meaning (hint: it’s not the same as schmuck), Judy Gold, a “comedian, actress, writer, and Jewish mother” (also a lesbian mom) is here to help you out.


The Fosters Season Finale Tonight: What Have You Thought of the Season?


The Fosters, ABC Family’s lesbian mom drama, airs its second season finale tonight. I hope you’ll join me (and many others) tonight at 9 p.m. ET to watch the show and tweet along using #TheFosters and #gaydybunch. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan — how are the rest of you enjoying it? Any wishes or predictions for the finale and/or Season Three? (After the jump, catch a sneak peek of the Adams Fosters sitting down for family dinner in tonight’s episode.)


The Children’s Film with Same-Sex Parents That Robin Williams Helped Launch

That's a Family - Lesbian Moms

Among the little-known deeds of comedian Robin Williams, mourned by many of us this week, is that he helped launch a groundbreaking children’s film that included same-sex parents.


Watch: Short Films Celebrating Black Queer Motherhood


While visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful screening of four short films about Black queer motherhood. The even was hosted by Sistah Sinema, a multi-city network for Queer Women of Color cinema. Learn more and watch one of the films (from 1983!) after the jump.


Gay Dads Save Daughter, Human Race in New Sci-Fi Film


Two gay dads will be the focus of a new science fiction film — not because they’re gay, but because they’re human.


“The Fosters” 2nd Season Starts Tonight: Here’s Why I’m Excited


The Fosters, ABC Family’s two-mom, many kid drama, begins its second season tonight, and I can hardly wait. Here are some of the thoughts I had on the first season and what it means for us real LGBTQ families — as well as a sneak peek of tonight’s scene in which Jude gets his birth certificate.


“Papa’s Prince”: A Children’s Tale with a Question Mark

A short new children’s video gives us the story of a seven-year-old girl who tells her friend a fairy tale about how her two dads met. There’s much to love about this creative video blending live and stop action — not least that it adds to the very small number of children’s videos featuring LGBTQ families. One aspect of it, however, gives me pause. Have a look and leave a comment about what you think.


Batwoman Has “Gay Custodial Issues”


Last fall, I reported that the latest incarnation of Batwoman might become a lesbian stepmom. This week’s Batwoman comic advanced that storyline. But will it last?


Video: Daughter Remembers Watching with Her Two Moms as Ellen Came Out


I felt old today as I realized that Ellen, Ms. DeGeneres’ first television show, premiered in 1994 — 20 years ago. Of course, most of us remember best the 1997 episode in which she came out as a lesbian. Writer Emma Tattenbaum-Fine recently recalled watching the show with her two moms. “The night Ellen came out, I felt my family got an invitation to the party,” she says in the video after the jump.