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Help Create Guide for Kids Born Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Well, I share requests for studies of LGBTQ parents, too, when they come across my desk from respected sources. Stay tuned!

Watch: Story of One of First Gay Men to Adopt in U.S.

Wow! That’s very cool, Linda. Thanks so much for sharing.

Everything Changes: My Mother's Cancer

Thanks, Linda. Yes, it sucks, doesn’t it? I’m very grateful for your thoughts. My best to your family, too.

Everything Changes: My Mother's Cancer

Thanks, S. Yes, it was particularly hard over the holidays, but I suppose there’s not really a “good” time. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

Everything Changes: My Mother's Cancer

Thanks, Jen — and good thoughts back to your family in your loss as well.

Everything Changes: My Mother's Cancer

Elisa, thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I appreciate it more than I can express here.

Peter Pan: My First Lesbian Role Model

Thanks for your comment, Ann. I agree with you about the racism of the story — but I did, however, acknowledge it, writing in my post that, “I should acknowledge, however, that the original story and many of its later interpretations also have disturbing amounts of racism in their portrayals of Tiger Lily and the Indians, which I was unaware of as a child and cannot condone.”

Facing Injustice for Eric Garner

Thanks, Polly — as always, your words mean a lot. I wasn’t sure if my words would come out the way I wanted them to — I guess it was a way of channeling my own rage into something (I hope) constructive.

Facebook Adds Gender-Neutral Terms for Family Members

Jonathan: Thanks so much for the link! I’ve updated the post. Clearly this wasn’t a widely publicized move — but I’m happy to know it’s been around for a few mont now.

Judge Is Scathing to Marriage Equality Opponents on Matter of Children

Cool! My spouse and I met in Wisconsin, although we don’t live there anymore. So great to see attitudes changing!

Judge Is Scathing to Marriage Equality Opponents on Matter of Children

Yup. I’ve never understood that argument myself. It seems such a ludicrous stretch of logic. Let’s hope the U.S. Supreme Court agrees, whenever they get to ruling on it.

Children's Books with LGBT Parents of Color

You’re welcome! Based on Bergman’s one and two tweets today, it simply seems he wasn’t aware of all the books you offered.

Happy Birthday: Mombian Is 9

Thanks for all of your support over the years, Elisa!

Radical Relations: A History of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Great observations, Mary. Clearly, there’s a lot more to explore in terms of our history — and a lot to be conscious of as a community as we move into the future.

Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day: Master List of Posts

Thanks, Mary! That’s a great idea — but would definitely take some work. Maybe I’ll try to pull something together to share by the time next year’s event rolls around. Stay tuned!

Radical Relations: A History of Lesbian and Gay Parents

No problem! Yes, this all puts me in mind of the saying that “History is written by the victors.” Looks like we’re finally winning. Having a sense of our own history is important on a personal level, too — makes us feel less like we have to make up everything as we go along (although every parent, LGBTQ and not, does some of that, I think).

Radical Relations: A History of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Thanks, Mary! Yes, the change over time that you note is interesting. Rivers covers some of it in his book, but clearly there’s more to be said.

Melissa Harris-Perry on Motherhood, Marriage Equality

Good point. Nuance isn’t something that works well in many media venues, alas.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

You’re very welcome! Thanks for your great post!

LGBT-Inclusive Books for Middle-Grade Readers

Thanks for the suggestion, Jan! Will check it out.

Milestones in LGBT Parenting History

Thanks so much! You’re very kind. So glad you liked the post.