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Melissa Harris-Perry on Motherhood, Marriage Equality

Good point. Nuance isn’t something that works well in many media venues, alas.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

You’re very welcome! Thanks for your great post!

LGBT-Inclusive Books for Middle-Grade Readers

Thanks for the suggestion, Jan! Will check it out.

Milestones in LGBT Parenting History

Thanks so much! You’re very kind. So glad you liked the post.

Post of the Week: "Power of Two"

Thank YOU for your courage in writing it. I’m sure many other families will find strength in your words.

New Board Books for the Youngest Children of Same-Sex Parents

Click the linked titles, and you’ll go to authors’ site, where you can order.

On 9/11, a Wish for Understanding

Thanks, riz! That means a lot to me.

So cool the Gotham class mentioned Mombian. Please thank the instructor for me!

Post of the Week: "What do you call your moms?"

Well, I think she’s speaking from her own experience with one bio and one nonbio mom. She’s not trying to cover all situations. My spreadsheet on lesbian naming conventions certainly has room for adoptive parents.

What Married and Unmarried Same-Sex Parents Should Know About Family Leave

Good question, Valerie. I’m not a lawyer, so take this as merely a layperson’s guess, but since FMLA is federal, I believe the fed government could force state employers to honor it for same-sex couples. At this juncture, it might still mean hiring a lawyer or going to court to make it happen — depends on how obstinate the employer is.

Betty Crocker Bakes Cakes for Minnesota Same-Sex Weddings

Cool! So great to see they’re really behind their inclusive campaign!

Post of the Week: "Community Means a Lot of Things"

Oh, you’re very welcome! Thank you for the thoughtful post!

Happy Bloggiversary: Mombian Is 8

That’s so kind, Stephanie! Thank you so much–and thank you for keeping us informed about what’s going on in Germany and Europe.

Florida Museum Denies Two-Mom Family a Family Membership

Thanks for sharing this. A little defensive, are they?

Reflections on 20 Years of Marriage

Thanks, Kim! Yes, I think same- and different-sex couples are more alike than not. Having said that, I put in the romance/sex line because there are unfortunately some people who still think same-sex parents will do inappropriate things in front of their kids. (Seriously, though, if they want to stop gay sex, they should encourage us all to get married and have kids.)

The Most Powerful Lesbian Moms in America 2013

Thanks, Nancy! She sounds awesome, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for her name from now on. I’ve added her to the list!

Haiku for the Supreme Court

That’s great, Clio! Thanks for sharing!