LGBT Parenting Roundup

  • When Constance McMillen filed a lawsuit against her school district after they canceled the prom rather than let her bring a same-sex date and wear a tux, a federal judge ruled that she had a right to clothes and a date of her choice. He did not ask the school to reinstate the prom, however, since parents were already planning to hold a private one. The private prom, however, was a fake, held for Constance, her date, and only seven others, two of whom had learning disabilities. The “real prom” was held in another location for everyone else.The good news from all of this? McMillen and Ceara Sturgis, a Mississippi student who had tux trouble of her own, will be at the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ 33rd Anniversary Celebration, which NCLR says is often referred to as “the lesbian prom.”
  • A gay teen in upstate New York who was repeatedly bullied by classmates has reached an out-of-court settlement. The U.S. Department of Justice joined the case, filed by the ACLU.
  • The American College of Pediatricians? Not a real professional organization. Spreads anti-LGBT lies. The American Academy of Pediatrics? Real, valid, and supportive of LGBT parents, as Timothy of Box Turtle explains.
  • Should step parents be considered de facto parents? Nancy Polikoff looks at a recent case that tackles this tricky legal matter, and explores the question of who decided two parents was the “right” number. No, she’s not advocating for polygamy (she doesn’t touch that subject one way or another), but rightly notes that many children “have more than two functional parents.”
  • The Jewish Daily Forward reports on same-sex couples in Israel, and the struggle to change a law that allows only opposite-sex couples to use an Israeli surrogate.