Lesbian Mom and Daughter of Gay Dad Win Genius Grants

Mary Bonauto

Winners of MacArthur “genius grants” this year include Mary Bonauto, a leading attorney in the fight for marriage equality, who is also raising two 12-year-old girls with her spouse, and cartoonist Alison Bechdel, whose dad was gay and who, through her Dykes to Watch Out For comic strip, gave many of us our first look at lesbian moms.


Texas Candidate Touts His Two Moms in Campaign Video


David Rosen is running for treasurer of the most populous county in Texas. In his latest campaign video, he explains how his two moms, retired public schoolteachers, inspired him to serve his community.


Helping Mormon Parents Accept their LGBT Children

Caitlin Ryan

The Mormon Church has been among the institutions least accepting of LGBT equality. It played a big role in the 2008 success of California’s Proposition 8 that banned marriage for same-sex couples. One social worker and researcher, however, has been working with Mormon families who have LGBT children to show them that their acceptance can have a powerful positive impact.


Lesbian Teacher Says Catholic School Fired Her for “Nontraditional” Pregnancy


A lesbian teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Michigan says she was fired because her pregnancy is “nontraditional.” Thousands have rallied to her cause — but she is not the only lesbian teacher to be fired recently by the Catholic Church over a pregnancy. Funny for a church founded on a nontraditional pregnancy.


Lois and Lily Go on a Cruise


Here’s the latest in my occasional series about Lois and Lily, two Lego lesbians, and their little lad. In today’s post, they share a photo from their summer cruise.


Poetry and Hope on 9/11


Once again, it’s 9/11. Somehow, the observance seems dampened this year, with yet another spin around the sun between us and the tragedy. Yet the currents that led to the event still swirl through our world. I’ve written in past years about working next door to the World Trade Center until two business days before the tragedy. This year, I turn to others’ words — words of poets.


Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Are Expecting


Actor Sara Gilbert, co-host of CBS’ The Talk, announced on yesterday’s show that she and her spouse, musician Linda Perry, are expecting their first child together.


How The Fosters Season 2 Impressed Me


What do you get when you take two moms and five kids of assorted race and ethnicity, place in a home, sprinkle the neighborhood with other parental figures, and stir well? The answer is ABC Family’s The Fosters, which finished its second season in August. It remains not just a show about a lesbian-headed family, but one of the most thoughtful family shows on television. Here are some of the things I liked best about this season.


See the Amazing Response to Church Pride Flag Theft

UCC Rochester - front

Sometimes, the world renews my faith in it. Back in July, I wrote about the First Church Congregational in Rochester, New Hampshire, which had two Pride flags stolen within a week. Here’s what happened when the pastor then asked people to send in rainbow flags to cover the building.


Judge Continues Acerbic Defense of Same-Sex Parents in Marriage Decision

Wisconsin State Seal

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that same-sex couples in Wisconsin and Indiana have the right to marry. My spouse and I met in Wisconsin (although we don’t live there anymore), so I’m especially pleased by this win. Making it even better was reading the ruling of Judge Richard Posner, who had grilled marriage equality opponents mercilessly during the hearing. Read on for highlights of his delightfully snarky decision.


Googler (and Lesbian Mom) Megan Smith Named CTO of U.S.

Megan Smith

It’s official. As rumored last week, President Obama has named Megan Smith, a Google executive and lesbian mom, to the post of Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. I consider it a good thing if I remember to backup my computer regularly. Now here’s a lesbian mom heading technology efforts for our whole country. I’m trying not to feel like a slacker.



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Back-to-School Resources for LGBTQ Parents - the 2014 List

Pride Flag School Bus




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